Hydraulic lifts

Production range:

  1. Passenger and goods lifts allowing passenger transport, having lifting capacity up to 10.000 kg and speed up to v = 1.0m/s according to PN-EN
  2. Serial production includes hydraulic lifts available in “Classic” series with a capacity from 320kg to 1600kg and speed up to 0.63 m/s and travel height up to 25m. This series includes typical and most popular solutions for passenger lifts suitable for housing industry, public buildings and hospitals. Production program of this series provides solutions for disabled persons using wheelchairs as well as it is suitable for hospital beds transport. Specifications and construction guidelines for these lifts are available on our website under technical page tab in the catalogue: HYDRAULIC LIFTS, series "Classic". For accessing drawings in “pdf” format, please click on the number of the selected project from the table: Program of Hydraulic Lifts Production, series "Classic". 
  3. Besides “classic” series of lifts we offer other types of lifts available upon individual requests, after specifying data and presenting customer expectations. We offer various passenger lifts designed to transport goods with loading, with a pallet truck or fork-lift trucks as well as those suitable for car transportation.
  4. Lifts with reduced shaft head room or pit in accordance with the PN-EN81.21. Lifts constructed in accordance with Dreamlift type with rated loads up to 900 kg, requiring a minimum pit of 250 mm and shaft head room of 2650 mm. Other solutions based on frames produced by Lift Service S.A. with loads up to 1600kg, a minimum shaft pit of 800mm and headroom of 2700 mm. These types of lifts are recommended to be used in already existing facilities with some architectural limitations. 
  5. Goods lifts, which also provides access for people loading goods, according to PN-EN81.31 and Machinery Directive 2006/42/ EC with lifting capacity up to 3000kg and speeds up to V = 0,63m/s. Technical solutions and construction guidelines are available upon individual requests. Lifts are designed to transport loads and are not intended for people transport. They are particularly suitable for carrying containers and loads of height greater than 1.2m.
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Project co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the framework of the
Regional Operational Programme for Lubelskie Province for 2007-2013

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